Saturday, January 21, 2012

Andrews Motorsports - The good ole days

Every once in a while, you'll hear the phrase "all good things must come to an end". I really wish I could give a good answer as to why this type of thing happens, but I can't. All I can say is... that's life.

I think we all agree that riding at Andrews was mx at it's best. Mike always took care of his track and you better believe it was for the advanced rider. Big jumps were just around a few tight corners, up hill, down hill and a hi-speed straight-away that would have your bike swapping like a fish out of water if you're not focused keeping it between your legs.

And best of all... the best whoops in town. So lets take a trip down memory lane and re-live the good ole days, shall we!

The whoop-de-dos:

No one... and I do mean no one, had a set of whoops like Andrews Motorsports. Most riders would double all the way through (including myself) and the advanced riders would either triple through or skim the tops. I've even witnessed a rider quad through these bad boys. Pretty ballzy don't ya think? Once you think you have em down, Mike would re-build the whoops back up to man status. I can still hear Mike saying... "ah these whoops are just speed bumps to the top pros". And I'd say he's right  on the mark with that statement.

The Winter.

Andrews was always closed during the months of January and February to let the coldest weather pass. And then, would re-open the first weekend of March. These were the times we'd all load up and head to the sand pits in SC for some good ole sand riding. By the time the track was open for the year, it was a good month or two before the leaves started blooming. It was cold at times but there was nothing like a good ride to get you all warmed up.

Next was the Spring and Summer time. At this point, the track was in full swing and all the riders would bring there awnings to keep the heat and sun off their head. Even with this track being buried in the woods, the roughness of the track would bring out the exhaustion. My point here is when you left Mikes track, you left know you just rode a mans track.

The Fall season. Now this is always my favorite time of year. You know that Andrews would be groomed with all kinds of natures color with the entire track being surrounded by trees.

And once it's all said and done and your packed up and ready to hit the road, there was nothing like the high fives from riders for a good day of riding. We had the best of times... for sure.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My story of the Racer X job interview!

Yep, you heard right. Racer X Illustrated job interview! I haven't spoken of this to anyone but to a select few people. Maybe it's the New Years cheers or the giddy feeling I have about my new business but I feel now is the time make it public. Life has presented something to me that I feel is a career gift and Racer X actually had a little something to do with it.

Drum roll please... this is how it all went down. I'll try to make it short and not go into every small detail, cause there was definitely a ton of it! :)

It was winter season, 2010. I submitted my resume to Racer X for a photo/video/web position that was open at the Racer X headquarters. My first interview was actually a phone interview and my thoughts were, if I can have a good phone interview, then the next step should be a face to face interview. A face to face would be a giant step forward you know! Why else would they bring me all the way up (West Virginia meaning all the way up) if they just weren't interested.

So, e-mail confirmed, I'm headed North for a dream job interview with a company that I'm a huge fan of, doing something I'm passionate about! You can guess that I was not on cloud 9... it was more like cloud 100!

After checking into my hotel for the night, I got a call from Bryan Stealey (who I'd been talking with during the whole process) asking if I wanted to meet up for coffee the next morning. And you know I was up for that! A good chance to shake the nerves before going into my interview.

Long story short and skipping all the fine details, the interview was outstanding! After the interview, Bryan, Davey Coombs and other members of the staff took me out for lunch at a fine Indian restaurant where we all talked about... yep... you guessed it, motocross! It felt so good that it was almost inexplicable.

After lunch we wrapped up, shook hands and I drove back to my hotel to get my luggage and start making my way back home. Before I left, Bryan had mentioned something about going out to some local bars that evening for a few cold ones. But a serious snow storm was moving in and I felt it was best that I start making my way back to the Carolinas.

The job position was between myself and one other guy! I made it in over hundreds of applicants. That alone is a great accomplishment!

About a week later, I was notified that I didn't get the job but to keep my head up. I think the next few days my mouth didn't open much unless I really had to talk. I was bummed out for sure. I mean, how many chances in life do you get an opportunity to work for a company doing something you dreamed of since childhood, along with the industries top professionals?

Even though I didn't get the job, and was a bit bummed, I didn't let it take over my life. For whatever reason it be, it was just not my time to shine at Racer X or shall I say, in the motocross industry.

So, just like what the pros say when they're on the podium; I must give a huge shout out and big thanks to Bryan Stealey, Davey Coombs and the entire staff of Racer X Illustrated. I had the time of my life while I was there! I see it like this. I can look back and say that I was in close running for a position at Racer X Illustrated, bench race with the people that produce one of the best motocross magazines and was able to talk with some folks that most people will only read about! That to me, was a chance of a lifetime! And I am proud to say, that I came in second place on this deal!

What else can I really say! Hats off to the guy who got the job! I'd shake hands with the guy If I had the chance. I believe in having a good and positive attitude about situations that both work out and don't work out.

Now you ask, how does this tie into what I'm doing now? Well, to come so extremely close to having a dream job in the motocross industry and then have the doors closed on everything, especially when it all seemed to go so right; there obviously had to be something else in the hands of life waiting for me to grasp.

Now-a-days, I'm building my very own business. And I specialize in videography. There are some photography jobs that come around but it's mostly the video side where I stay the busiest! And I'm completely stoked. Who knows... maybe one day I'll get to do some video/photo work for Racer X.

You just never can tell!

One more thing! West Virginia is one heck-of-a beautiful state! There are postcard photos on nearly every corner. And I could just kick myself for not taking the time to snap a few shots of the breathtaking views around Morgantown!

Instead, enjoy these few I shot while driving!!! ;) I promise I was being safe while doing so...

I've always thought this sign was in a funky spot!

The Updated Factory 987

Over the holidays, I managed to make a few updates to the factory. I'm super proud to say that Factory 987 is purely, 100% dedicated to motocross!

If you've visited my factory 987 website in the past, you'll know that I stay very involved with the wedding industry. It just didn't seem right to mix these two together. So I decided to build an entire new site dedicated to weddings.

Next up,  a look back on 2011's best mx photos.

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