Monday, October 24, 2011

Carolina KTM Ride Day 10.23.11

When my alarm clock went off this morning, I thought long and hard about rolling back over and slipping back into that peaceful land of zzz's. But I knew I'd really be bummed out if I did that.

I knew of a couple of friends that were gonna be there but lemme tell ya - the whole motley crue was there!  It was good times for sure. And let's not forget the folks that put all the work into making this track so nice for all the riders. They really deserve some praise! All I can say is... that was one gnarly track! Thanks for this ride day. You couldn't have asked for better weather.

Check out a few of my favorites!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Session 6 - Albemarle Rd Jump - A day in the life...

First and foremost... Carlo Gagliardo knows how to take things to the next level! Just when I thought I'd seen all the talent this guy can dish out, he goes and bust big on something else. We had to take a couple of weeks off since El Nino ( or heavy storms for those that don't know what El Nino is ) decided to stop in for a visit. Now that all of the rain has cleared out, it was time to get back to the nitty gritty! We have a few more sessions left and this was one that we just had to do.

Just down the road from CG's house, is a huge mound of dirt. I swear... it looks as if some construction company came in and built that jump just for Carlo. To be honest, it has the perfect take-off and the perfect landing! And, you can jump it long ways, or sideways. They even keep the grass cut!!!

In addition that beautiful mound of dirt, there are a few other dips and hills that are perfect for getting your jump on! The first thing I thought of was Crusty Demons of Dirt. Remember those videos?

Have a look at a few screen shots from my video camera.