Saturday, February 18, 2012

Club MX 2.15.12

It was Tuesday (14th) evening when these thoughts hit me. I've already heard about the dreamy weather we're suppose to have on Wednesday. Then I read a status update from the Club MX facebook page saying Tim Ferry was out doing some suspension testing. The best part of all, my schedule was wide open.

By now, you're probably guessing that I took a trip back out to the Club. You're absolutely right! There was no way I was about to let that kind of configuration slip out of my hands. I even got to catch up with my photog buddy ole pal, Randall Overby!

As usual, the Club MX fellas didn't disappoint. Zach Osborne was out pounding lap after lap while Ferry made a couple of laps at... probably no where near his capability! It's the strangest thing; even at the casual speed he was riding, he still looked solid on a bike. To me that just proves that he's got a bit of experience under his belt. In addition to all of this awesomeness, Brandon Haas was throwing some mad-crazy whips! And he whipped it every time over the big jump!!! Talk about candy for my lens...

Enough talk. On with the pics!

Ready to see the whole gallery? Just click here and it will take you straight to it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Club MX 2.8.11

I was just about to head back home from dinner when I got a phone call from David Root asking if I was available for a few photos at Club MX the very next day. Austin, Brandon (Wollenhaupt) and Christopher Venditti were headed to the Club for a few laps of moto therapy. And the answer was... you-betcha!

I love photography at Club MX. Those guys keep their tracks groomed very nicely. Not to mention new track designs are often made. The Club MX guys were also out throwing down along with a hand full other practice riders.

Even though the track looked good, the weather was perfect; it was just one of those days! The ones where you know it's probably best not to push it. Brandon is healing from a lingering injury and only made a couple of laps while Austin decided to just practice cornering while Christopher was riding his heart out! He had his 85 in the wind!

Overall, it was a magnificent day to take a few photos.