Monday, July 5, 2010

Andrews 6.26.10

I was out on a 10 day vacation so I'm just now getting to this. I had all intentions of working on it a bit over the last several days but to put it simple... the internet connection where I was staying was a bit slow.

I really don't have much about this days event. I purchased a new camera and decided to head back out to Andrews and put it to the test. I mention in an earlier post that Andrews will keep you on your photo toes and I thought this would be perfect for getting a new camera broke in.

I started out with 1 good shot followed by 1 bad shot but by the end of the day, I think I had a good setting figured out... or at least my ratio of better shots vs bad shots started got a lot better.

I'm also tickled with the glass I was shooting with. With a 70-300mm lens, I was definitely able to get shots from the other side of the track with very little movement.

Anyways... here a few that turned out good.

This shot was actually taken by Tom Kraft. Good one Tom!!!