Monday, June 21, 2010

Andrews 6.19.10

With Andrews Motorsports being close to home, it's easy to slip out that way when a plan hasn't been made to visit and shoot at any other tracks. Plus, there's a bonus when it comes to Andrews.

1. It's always the greatest feeling when you show up at the track and you see a dozen or more of your motocross buddies. This is almost always the case when I visit here.

2. The track is great for keeping you on your ( photo ) toes. Meaning there are places where sun is shining bright and there are places where the sun doesn't shine at all. The track is covered with trees and if you know anything about photography, you'll agree with me when I say... "you better keep your hand on that dial". If you're metered on that nice sunny spot, then good luck when they get to the heavy shaded spots. And then vice versa!

3. Bench racing! For those of you that don't know what that is, it's when we all sit around and talk about the old days of riding/racing. Whether it's you, your friends or someone else, there is always something to talk about. Believe it or not, we sometimes joke about our experiences with a bad crash. You'd be surprised of the healing powers that comes from bench racing. It's just what we do!

Moving on-

I got to the track around 11:30 am to help my friend Paul Ashmann get a few video shots with his new camera while no one was riding. But once 12 noon came around, one by one, riders began to make there way out on the track.

They say the early bird gets the worm! And with the track being so fresh with water, those greasy spots sure did make for some good "out of control" photos! Especially in the corners!

Some days are better than the others. This was the first lap of the day for #72. A few minutes later, she came up a little too short on a big double. Thus ending her day.

Spectating at Andrews is some of the best. You can pretty much go anywhere you want to watch the action.

The always fast Aaron Stancil ( #792 ) was out pounding some laps today in the heat. Aaron has also raced at the Atlanta Supercross and several AMA National tracks. In laymen terms, this guy is on the gas!

Other than crashing, a flat is the next to worst thing that can ruin your day. Especially in the heat!

To see all the photos from today's practice, click the Photo Store link in the top navigation.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Center Rd 6.13.10

We've been anxiously waiting for the chance to get back out to Center Rd MX for some photos. On Sunday June 13th, we got our chance, albeit with a slight twist.

First of all, I must say that Center Rd is at the top of my list of tracks that I love. It's a combination of several things that make Center Rd a delight. I've been going to this track for several years now and I've never seen a time when Sandy or whoever has the sign in sheet, isn't smiling. It's almost like she is more excited about you being there to ride, than you are, about riding!

In addition to their great personalities, a concession stand is available for your raging sweet tooth or if you just need more water. Most importantly, they've always, and I mean always... had flaggers out on the track to help out during practice days. Now tell me these guys aren't committed! Who else does this on practice days! I've spoken with Sandy several times and it's very evident that they are passionate about motocross.

Next is the track layout. If you like big jumps, they have em! If you like super fast sections, they have em! If you like technical sections, they have em! You get the idea right? It's just an all around, great place to ride. I always have a blast when I'm there.

There is one more thing I have to mention about Center Rd. It's the condition of the track. Out of all the years I've been going to this place, only once; the track wasn't watered. And that was due to a mechanical issue with their irrigation system. All other times, the track was just as good at 4 pm as it was when the gates open.

Just one more reason that lets you know. Center Rd is serious about motocross.

Remember that twist I mentioned earlier. Shortly after 3pm, a massive thunderstorm swept through and anyone who had a pop-up awning set up to shield off the sun were holding onto the rails so the wind wouldn't blow it away. Thank goodness I made it back to my truck before the bottom decided to fall out of the sky! This shot was taken after the rain slacked off. Any amount of time out in this storm with no cover meant you were soaked from head to toe!

Andrews 6.12.10

When you have a passion for motocross, the heat has little affect on you... until you get dressed and start riding. You could tell the temperature was in the mid 90s as riders were only making a few laps before pulling off to rest and catch some fresh air.

Most people think that riding a dirt bike is nothing more than twisting the throttle. Ask any serious riders that same question and see what kind of response you get. Motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports out there. It takes a total commitment of your whole body to maneuver a bike around a motocross track. And when it's hot, well lets just say the heat will shine on the riders with good fitness.

Lots of water and good stretching habits are just a couple of things you should always have on hand.

Tyler is obviously in good shape. While other riders pulled off to rest, the # 717 rider kept putting in some blazing laps.  I was completely shocked at how fast he was going in this heat.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We're live


oo-hoo... we finally made it. Things were starting to look like it was going to take a lot longer than expected but we've been putting in a lot of weekend hours just to get up and running. We are still making a few modifications here and there but for the most part.. the new factory 987 is alive and breathing.

Our next focus will be our videos. We took the videos that were on the old factory 987 and we're going to give them a new look. After those videos are complete, you'll be seeing even more video and photography work come to life. That is, of course, what the factory is most passionate about.

The whole theory of factory 987 is about reaching for your dreams, exploring your dreams and lastly, having an impact on the world because of your dreams.

And this is exactly what we intend to do!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Andrews 6.5.10

Other than it being Nascar week with traffic on all the roads in Concord like a hurricane evacuation, scattered thunderstorms came through and decided to shed heavy amounts of rain, causing Andrews to take a short breather.  So after a few weeks of being closed, the track was watered, prepped and ready to go at 12 noon.  Mike even decided to change up the layout of the track for a change and as always, great job to the guys that help Mike get everything ready. To my knowledge, there are only a couple of track owners that puts a ton of effort and hard work into prepping the track for riders, and one of them is Mike Andrews. I've actually helped prep the track on several occasions so I know exactly what kind of work is involved.

Even though it was hot and humid out today, there was still some left over thunderstorm areas on the track. Meaning... a few places were a bit muddy. With that being said, riders that came out today, were a little more reserved on twisting the throttle like usual. As the saying goes "you have to go slower in order to go faster".  And on a day like today, you definitely needed to keep that in mind.

Even though the track had a few slick muddy spots, the track eventually formed into a gorgeous layout of ruts and moist dirt.


 Blake Hovis ( #215 ) showed up and put in some blazing laps!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Windy Hill 5.30.10

When I think of motocross photography, Windy Hill Motorsports is one of the first places that comes to  mind. Located out in the country land of Ellerbe NC, you are almost guaranteed plenty of crisp and clean motocross images. In addition to the location being superb, the staff at the track is about as friendly as one can be.

To start things off the track was a little muddy in some places but between all the riders, the sun and the humidity, those places were surely going to be drying up before long. Not to mention the soil at Windy Hill can take in a lot of water before things get out of hand.

Before the race action begins, riders are offered a short practice session to get a feel of the track or check out which line may be the best. After that, it's get your bike ready and head to the starting gate. The first motos of each class usually run until noon and then riders have a 45 minute break and then racing starts all over again.

Overall the day was a 10 out of 10. There were no accidents that required medical attention and all of the racing from each class seemed to be clean.

Or at least the parts I saw were clean!

Some of the mini riders discussing a little bench racing before their first moto starts.

Mini riders always have the biggest fans. Their dad! 

A big thanks to all the staff at Windy Hill Motorsports. We're already looking forward to the next race or practice weekend!